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  1. thanks for responding, nukead! I have been updating ccleaner regularly and never had a warning about closing explorer, which wreaks all kinds of havoc for me if I let a program close it or need to close it myself, just had the same issue with alldup wanting to close it when updating and I let it against my better judgment and then had to reboot just to restore explorer properly. I have always had other mrus checked and just never saw that before and can't imagine why any program would ask to close explorer knowing the mess it would make; I assume it was being skipped as you said. Any
  2. 1. how do I get rid of ccleaner now minimizing to systray instead of closing completely when I hit the x to exit? this is useless, and nothing in options to disable it. 2. now if I want to clean other explorer mrus, I have to close windows explorer? why?
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