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  1. I would like to suggest that the deletion of memory dumps be removed from the default settings of CCleaner.


    As a BSOD analyst I have recently noticed an increase in the use of CCleaner by those that I help with BSOD problems. The analysis of their memory dumps is delayed until they can generate up to 4 or 5 memory dumps - and this is very painful to them.


    Minidumps are limited to 50 being stored at a time, and are generally less than 300 kB in size (for a total of 15 mB if my math is right). And most (that I see) only have less than 10 in C:\Windows\Minidump. This is a miniscule amount and would not hurt to leave on current systems.


    Admitedly those that are suffering from BSOD's are a small number of your users - but I feel that this will help all users in the long run.


    Thanks for your consideration!


    - John

  2. Vista RTM and IE7 - CCleaner v1.35.424


    Address bar dropdown history not being cleaned.


    Once the cleaner runs, the address bar history appears blank - but if you type in a previously accessed URL, the dropdown shows all the entries for it and similar sites that you've visited. Even closing IE and restarting does not fix this. Nor does running CCleaner with IE closed work.


    Any suggestions?


    - John

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