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  1. I can copy and paste the serial into older versions of ccleaner and register ccleaner, just not the current version. The current version the me that the serial number is invalid. I get the the Application error by running ccleaner, look at the screenshot, that is the error. How do I stop the older versions of ccleaner from trying to update?
  2. What version of ccleaner does NOT check for updates? I have set unticked all updates (see screenshot) and I have deleted the updater from the ccleaner folder. I am still getting the updater screen (screenshot) on version 5.55. I don't want update by accident to version 5.74 Is there a way to stop the updater?
  3. CCleaner 5.74 Application error (see attached screen shots) There were too many memory dump to post. I uninstalled 5.74. Downloaded a clean copy reinstalled it and got the same problem. Also 5.74 gives an error trying copy and paste the serial number for registering ccleaner. Found an older version and will be using it until there is a fix. I have been unable to block the update message. I renaming the updater to see that works.
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