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  1. It's a well known phenomenon that CCleaner is being flagged by Windows security. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/microsoft-defender-ccleaner-unwanted-application/#:~:text=Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system,as first reported by Bleepingcomputer. Might also be worth taking a look here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041626791-How-do-I-Stop-Windows-10-from-blocking-my-installation-of-CCleaner-
  2. Thanks, as i wasn't sure wether it did not register as a new version on that screen due to minor version upgrade instead of a major one, or rather due to the auto update mechanism (as up until to this version, the update had to be done from the website). We'll see what happens on the next major version (5.75), whether the auto update within the application also updates the Apps and Features screen.
  3. Hi all, The latest update of CCleaner 5.74.8198 (64-bit) was process from within the application itself, something i guess was not available for Free edition up until now (it's in the release notes). However, when updated this convenient way, the application update is not registered with a new date within the Apps and Features screen of Windows, opposed to when updated from the site (and going through the installation wizard). Is that intended? A bit hard to fathom when was the last time an update was done if it will never register there using this updating method. The same
  4. Ah so the new AutoUpdate feature simply means the application will stay in the system tray and notify you when an update is available. I initially thought that it would close, but once opened, it will automatically update without the need to open the website (sort of in-application update). Edit: Oh wait, it was just updated within the application for Free edition. Nice work!
  5. I dont recall seeing it on the previous version, and once disabling the AutoUpdate new feature, it no longer creates a dump file once closing the program, nor does it create an event viewer error entry anymore, hence im pretty convinced its coming from this release.
  6. According to another post, disabling the Smart Cleaning option while also disabling the new Auto Update feature will resolve it for now, until it is patched soon.
  7. There is also a .dmp file created in the installation folder of CCleaner sometimes when the app is closed from the system tray.
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