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  1. I absolutely agree! For me this issue is accomplished. Thank you.
  2. Oh yes it's true: Windows thinks it is an SSD too. So CCleaner seems to blindly accept the information from Windows. By the way: the tool HWINFO does not rely on Windows but provides to correct disk type information. Ok, I can cope with it. But it would be a nice feature for a future version of CCleaner, wouldn't it? Thank you and kind regards Chris
  3. I am using CCleaner > Drive-Wiper in order to securely delete external hard disks. Each time I plug in an external USB harddisk, CCleaner persistently wants to stop me from erasing this device. It claims that the plugged in device is an SSD, but in fact it is not. It is a SATA harddisk. CCleaner seems to be unable to distinct between HDD and SSD. Is that so? Thank you and kind regards Chris
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