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  1. Version 5.74 was released but this bug was still not fixed. It is there back to version 5.72. I just want to know it it will be fixed in a future version or not? It is frustrating to click those boxes and error windows appears.
  2. Hello, these two errors started to appear in version 5.72.xxxx and in 5.73.xxxx is still there. Prior to these versions no such error was present. When I go to 'Options -> Advanced' and try to check the 'Skip User Account Control warning ' I'm getting in a new window a 'The system cannot font the path specified' error. When I try to check the 'Save all settings to INI file' in the same menu, a window pops up telling: 'Failed to save settings due to a permission error' I reinstalled the two versions older (CCleaner 5.71) and the bugs disappear. I'm using currently the latest CCleaner. I attacked two screenshots with the errors.
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