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  1. This is about as complete an answer to a technical question as I've ever had in my experience. Thank you so much for the time you would take to explain this. Now I have a reference point to come back to as I use the system even if it is not totally clear to me as the neophyte I am at the moment. I sincerely appreciate you doing this for me. Thanks, Ron PS My drive is a 500 gig HDD only using about 314g for data and about 185g free. Seems like an extraordinarily long time to process to me at about an eight hour average so far.
  2. I just recently bought Defraggler so I'm not sure what to expect. However from my experience with similar products in the past, I expected that after several hours of processing my data, defragging and placing it most efficiently, that the graphic would show, no more defragged blocks, and the data represented would be contiguous, not scattered all over my drive. Additionally when it finished after two passes to make it appear as I expected it still shows similarly and shows 13% FRAGMENTED! I've tried quick defrag, regular defrag and defrag on unused blocks and it still appears the same
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