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  1. Thanks! So there is no way to select the provided "7 passes" drive wipe? I wander why is the option there, when one is not able to select it? Have you personally verified that all the deleted files are filled with zeros?
  2. I just bought and installed CCleaner Professional Plus with the whole suite: PRO CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler & Speccy, for up to 3 PCs CCleaner Pro I read the Help on the web site, so I am aware of all the wiping options. When in CCleaner I go to > Tools > Drive Wiper I can see my C hard drive. Unfortunately, hard drive is erroneously marked as SSD drive. If I chose "1 pass" wiping I can do the wipe. But if I choose "7 passes" or "35 passes" wipes my C drive becomes unselectable and I can not perform "7 passes" wipe. How do I correct this problem and "force" CCleaner
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