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  1. nukecad, thank you for all your suggestions to resolve this issue. The workaround did work for me (after rebooting). Do you want to want to report this issue to the developers or would you prefer if I did? (Your explanation would probably be more detailed than mine.) Thank you again for your work.
  2. Yes, I would appreciate some step by step instructions as it's new to me. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I looked under options, found it and looked at the "skip user account control warning" box. It's already checked. Rebooted and it still asked. So I went back to Options so I could uncheck it and recheck it, thinking that might help. When I try to uncheck it, I get the message "The system cannot find the path specified" (I reinstalled it, used the default settings.) Rebooted again. So this problem persists.
  4. Unfortunately this doesn't help me. There is NO advanced under Tools in my CCleaner. I have the free version & can't afford to purchase the paid version (retired, low income). Is there another solution? Otherwise, I'll stop using CCleaner.
  5. Is there a way of turning off Windows asking me for permission for CCleaner each time, I reboot/restart the machine? This has only happened since the Oct2020 update & it's annoyance. I do NOT want to disable UAC as a whole.
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