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  1. Welp kinda bummed I didnt clear all that storage but thanks for the help anyway. Ps. Erm I defiantly didnt autocorrect to that word instead of my real last name. Uh im sorry bout that.
  2. I use windows 10. I did a custom clean, cleared everything except for cookies and passwords on my browser of choice. I do lots of modding for garys mod (video game if you dont know) and it took a while just on garys mod files, so the number made sense to me. Is there any way to check past scans to see what it deleted or what it should have deleted?
  3. So I was using CCleaner and did a clear on my C drive. It said it removed 40k megabytes (40 gigs) of storage but when I check I only had 9 gigs of extra space. Anyone know why or how to fix?
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