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  1. I will search the registry and let you know. Is it possible that a registry update is held in memory and overrides the actual value, pending an update (since the registry update requires admin privileges)? Thanks for helping me try to understand what happened.
  2. I would be the one who has access to the Admin account. I have done quite a few CCleaner updates recently on different computers, but don't remember seeing any evidence that the CCleaner Browser was installed. What confuses me is - hyperlinks worked from the Admin account (registry was htmlfile) - hyperlinks did not work from Standard account (registry looked OK - was htmlfile) - when account was changed to Admin (temporarily), hyperlinks still did NOT work, but the registry was now CCleanerHTML. I changed CCleanerHTML to htmlfile, and this fixed the hyperlink problem.
  3. I agree. That screenshot was sent to me. I just ran the current install and, as you indicated, there was only an option to Decline/Accept the AVG install. It is still a mystery to me how/when the registry was updated, replacing htmlfile with CCleanerHTML. Do you have any ideas? CCleaner Browser was not even part of the latest install. Thank you for trying to help me understand this.
  4. I have uninstalled CCleaner, so I can't tell you now. This did happen on 2 computers in a small office of about 10 people. Both users are Standard, not Admin users. Updates would have been done either by running the install with Admin authority, or when logged into the Admin account. If CCleaner Browser WAS installed, it was not intentional, and would have been done in the last update. The hyperlink problem just recently surfaced. I might have missed the option to uncheck it. In the screen shot of the CCleaner installation (attached here), the Browser option is opt in (defa
  5. Problem Description Problem occurs when a link is clicked on in Word or Outlook (possibly other MS Office apps). Instead of opening the default browser and going to the URL, the following message is displayed: "Your organization's policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk." Cause Registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> .html (and .htm) should be htmlfile. It was CCleanerHTML. Resolution Change registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT .html (and .htm) from CCleanerHTML back to the correct value of htmlfile. Note: CCleanerHT
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