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  1. Hi Augeas I simply used Ccleaner (free) and went to tools->Drive Wiper ->Free space only with both 1 and 3 passes. However, I see that I did not check the "Wipe MFT Free Space" option under settings. Is this necessary? How about the "secure erase" option? Do I need to run Ccleaner as admin ? It sounds like you are confident that the files should not be recoverable, but it seems to me that Disk Drill is doing a pretty good job recovering them.... Im suspecting some setting or something is making it impossible for me to clean up....
  2. Hi everyone,Honestly, I am a bit puzzled.I have a HDD of which I am trying to erase unused space. I have used Ccleaner for this with both 1 pass and 3 passes. However, when I use Disk Drill to check the there are any recoverable files, it finds ALOT of files. As an example it finds 12.000 jpg pictures. And yes, it is not just small temporary files, but actual pictures that i can preview and recover! This is disturbing to me....It should be mentioned that I have also tried to use Eraser and BCWipe to clear the unused space, but still Disk Drill finds the files. If i use Recuva to recover files,
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