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  1. I did see that the site was deemed safe, but having a cookie regenerate itself on my computer without having visited the site bothers me.
  2. nope. I have downloaded images from unsplash before, but have renamed and either moved or deleted them. I don't have any kind of image-related extension installed in Chrome. I searched the Windows registry and found no reference to unsplash
  3. I turned off synch and cleared cookies - no change. I removed MSN.com from opening tabs and eliminated these cookies: adsrvr.org bing.com doubleclick.net geistm.com outbrain.com widgets.outbrain.com Still can't figure where unsplash.com is coming from.
  4. The msn cookie isn't the one I am concerned about, I know it shows up because I have msn.com set as one of my open tabs. It's the cookies that have no business being on my machine after I have cleaned all unwanted cookies and open Chrome without visiting any new pages. Cookies like unsplash, outbrain, etc. as I list below... adsrvr.org amazon.fr bing.com doubleclick.net geistm.com history.paypal.com outbrain.com unsplash.com widgets.outbrain.com
  5. I use Ccleaner to manage what cookies I want to keep on my Windows 10 desktop, so they aren’t removed when I clear Chrome cache. I have noticed that I run the cleaner, but once I open Chrome, a bunch of cookies are added onto my computer again. Some are obvious – a msn.com cookie because I have one tab opening to msn.com, but some are not obvious and seem a bit malicious to be added without my visiting the site. Where are they coming from, and how do I stop them? adsrvr.org amazon.fr bing.com doubleclick.net geistm.com history.paypal.com o
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