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  1. Have you found anything to help with this? Is this maybe a RegEx issue where my path names are causing issues because they are not being properly escaped?
  2. Attached are the results of multiple searches in the above two folders, with the files in D:\A\Home\AHome\* deleted each time. I believe that would be a "yes" to your question of continued issues... 9 duplicate using specific folder names.txt 10 duplicate using specific folder names.txt 11 duplicate using specific folder names.txt 12 duplicate using specific folder names.txt 13 duplicate using specific folder names.txt
  3. The first attachment (7) is running the scan after renaming all folders to be without the # at the front of their name. The second attachment (8) is running the scan after following your request. This seems better than attachment 7, without any renaming between the two runs! But still very puzzling. 7 duplicate having renamed the folder # to A.txt 8 duplicate having renamed the folder # to A.txt
  4. Doing a search after checking "D:\*.*" and unchecking "D:\#\Home\*.*" yields these results: and the continuation of the list: After selecting the "64.png" file in the first screenshot and deleting it, then rerunning the search, I get: and I did not delete any files, but renamed the "D:\#" folder to "D:\A" and started the search again with no other changes. The results of the four consecutive runs with the *.png file deleted each time are attached in numerical order. 3 duplicate having renamed the folder # to A.txt 4 duplicate having renamed t
  5. Here's the screenshot of what I have now: And here are the settings I'm using, just to be clear:
  6. Attached are the screenshots. I have no backup programs running on the one computer that is exhibiting these issues and these files/screenshots are from. I have OneDrive installed and watching folders on a different computer where this same issue also happening. (Not sure if this helps or not, just more info.) Both computers are running Windows 10 2004.
  7. I forgot to attach the files. My apologies! 1 duplicate after hitting search first time.txt 2 duplicate after hitting search second time.txt
  8. Attached are two files as requested. The files VS2012_ProductKey.txt were left on purpose and are not a deleting issue.
  9. Hey Andrei! I just did another pass, and it found five pairs of duplicates, which I selected and deleted one file from each pair. Then I clicked the BACK button and initiated the search again. This time it found another five pairs of duplicates, and I again deleted one file from each pair.
  10. I have a folder which contains a multiple backups of misc files - pictures, videos and songs. I want to remove duplicates so I only have one set of unique files, then I can sift through the remnants and delete what I don't want, thus avoiding possibly deleting the same file multiple times. (Yes, it's cleanup time.) Without changing the parameters (which include only a path, and comparing based on size and content) I start a search, then delete all but one of each file, verifying that all files meant to be deleted are deleted by checking the folders and watching for the CCleaner notif
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