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  1. Thanks! I installed Treesize and it made it very easy to see where the files were. It turns out, Ccleaner did actually delete the files it generated during a clean when the clean was interrupted by full disk space on the drive. The source of the files was having Dropbox desktop on two different user accounts and I had both of them synching the files to the hard drive. I went ahead and deleted the local files from one user account and problem solved! Thanks again for your help to all who replied and helped me through this one. I appreciate it. Best, Mark
  2. Thank you both for your replies! Interestingly, 1 month ago (before I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 10), when this issue happened, I did notice a couple file folders directly inside the C: folder which I attributed to ccleaner after it not finishing. I deleted them and all was well. Since reinstalling windows, now when I look in C: I don't see those folders. I figured out the command to search in file explorer to find folders larger than 4GB (size:gigantic kind:=folder) but surprisingly, nothing came up! <See screenshot> Any idea what I can do next to solve this
  3. Hey there. So I was cleaning the empty space on my c: using Ccleaner and halfway through it stopped and said I'd run out of hard drive space. Furthermore, my hard drive now only has less than 600mb apparently and is in the red. When I began the scan I had about 300GB free. I've got 2 questions: Why did it stop and say my HD was full? Why is my hard drive STILL full <See attached image> I look forward to your reply
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