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  1. Okay, I just followed your instructions. I open Windows Security and saw a warning about a "potentially unwanted app found." Apparently Windows security found it some ten days ago. Something called "PUA:Win32/Creprote" that affected "Portrait Professional Trial Setup." I vaguely remember downloading some kind of photo editing program some time ago. I removed it and all seems well so far.
  2. Good question. I wasn't running the cleaner or the browser, unless the latter was running in the background. (Just now I heard my hard drive spinning a couple of times, for maybe five to ten seconds each time. All I was doing was typing.)
  3. Sometimes I notice that my computer is slowing down, and I can also hear the hard drive spinning for a few seconds. So I open the Task Manager to see what's holding things up, and there are about a hundred items listed. Right now I can see CCleaner listed seventeen times. Will it help to close all the CCleaner icons and just leave one? What else can I safely close to speed things up? Thank you for your help.
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