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  1. Sorry I should have bumped this thread with the above update. Just read my edits above.
  2. No problem, I did not have a lot of a time so did not browse the other topics. Could the default engines be unloaded from a specific .dll in the main folder? They must be 'stored' somewhere? I already deleted the default browser application - didn't work - it might be an app to check the browser is default but whatever its gone and FF still works without it. Edit: I also deleted everything in the features folder (Form Autofill, DOH Rollout, and the Web-Compat junk - but these also re-enable unless you delete them) Furthermore I could just begin to delete certain files
  3. Hi, I cannot remove the default search engines in CCleaner or Firefox? When I disable the default search engines list in CCleaner they are just re-enabled again when I restart Firefox. The default list is: Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, eBay and Google. I know the default browsers still exist somewhere because under Firefox options you have the option to 'Restore default search engines' and they magically reappear. I know this is more a 'Firefox' issue but I was hoping someone here might know where this Firefox default search engine list is hidden? I cannot
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