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  1. Hazelnut... I've been working with compuers since I was in graduate school, in 1959, so please don't patronize me. And you did not answer any of the Qs I asked you. "You are copying your files and user docs over not yourself (if you know what I mean)" No I don't know what you mean!, as the sentence makes no sense. Now, if you can tell me what in my profile, other than the (now presumably repaired) permissions, might be messing up CC I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise, the program simply isn't worth any aditional effort, Since Glary Utilities provies a reasonable r
  2. Thanks for the pointer. Might I ask how the permissions for all of the files on my computer are relevant to running a single program? I would think that only the permissions for the files installed by CC would be relevant. And if my working user profile is corrupted then wouldn't copying it simply transfer the corruption to the "new" user? TIA
  3. Thanks. And where pray tell do I find my "...user profile documents..."? TIA
  4. Well, I ran tweaking.com, fixed permisions, and nothing with CC has changed. Any moresuggestions? TIA
  5. Excuse please if I'm a bit dense, but... Permissions for what file(s)? Where are these permissions accessed? What and who needs to be permitted there? TIA
  6. Perhaps I'm missing something, but... What specifically do I need to fix? What permissions? And how would they have suddenly gotten messed up?
  7. OK... Set up a new user acct and was able to run CC. How do I clean up whatever permissions have gotten screwed up? Help TIA
  8. Have already tried running CC as admin. Makes no difference-it still won't run. As for TM, it shows CCleaner64 as running after I attrmpt to run it as Admin. Win7 also asks for permission to run CC
  9. I set both versions (32 & 64 bit) as exceptions. Was still unable to run either.
  10. Sure, I'm willing to experiment. How do I "turn off" MSE? And how do I make CC an exception in MSE?
  11. Ran the 564 slim instller. It appears to have installed files. But CC still will not run.
  12. Will do. Let you know the result. Thanks
  13. I believe it was Version 5.67.7763.
  14. CCleaner still won't run, although the latest version will now install Anyon have any ideas? TIA
  15. No, CCleaner does not run when I boot into Safe Mode. Is that of any help?
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