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  1. I have received your email
  2. I still have no answer from support@ccleaner.com
  3. Mon adresse email est: do you need the invoice?
  4. I've already sent mails concerning the license problem to support@ccleaner.com, no answer. That's why I'm here, on the forum.
  5. On the CCleaner website > https://www.ccleaner.com/fr-fr/ccleaner/download
  6. What error do you get? My license is no longer valid, yet I paid for a 1 year license until 2021. When did you buy the license? I renewed it on 01/02/2020. What operating system do you use? Windows 10 Pro. Is your machines time and date correct? Yes.
  7. Hello, I can't activate my CCleaner Profesional license anymore, but I have the invoice and the PayPal payment history, but I can't reactivate my license! I tried to reinstall CCleaner and to launch in admin, nothing works the license is invalid since January 1st, 2000?! What ??? I try to contact CCleaner customer service by email and still no answer. Can you help me?
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