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  1. Yes even with version 5.72 everything is fine, all away (but here I think it's just a ccleaner bug) in the last version the interface/program always on top, and there is no way, unless I minimize it, to stay under another window; but I think that for this defect I will have to open another topic. Anyway, thanks again and good work.
  2. Ok, solved everything, the latest version of CrapCleaner, v.5.71.7971x64, with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security Premium, works (but the graphical interface loads slowly, before it appears on screen) without problems, however only this latest version of CCleaner, previous versions have always the same problem, that I described in my previous posts, with the latest version of Comodo, and the previous one. In any case thanks for your help.
  3. Hello, as already said in my previous posts, I remain of the idea that it's always good to wait for updates from the official channels, of any software, in any case, also thanks to your advice, that is to download from the Comodo forum the latest version released, I followed it (going against my rules) and in general I notice some small improvements, however the problem of CCleaner, which is always the one explained in my previous posts, remains and has not been solved! Now do you have any other idea to understand where the problem is and then find the solution? Thanks again and good work.
  4. It is correct, the portable version is downloaded from the "builds" web page, even if to be honest I also tried with portableapps.com and official installer versions, and then copied from the setup folder, thanks to the virtualization function (for example Comodo Container) of some programs, but the problem persists! I thank you for the link (that I already knew) of the Comodo forum, to download the latest versions of their security suite, but I always wait for an update to be distributed through the official channel, that is the internal Comodo update function; therefore, I guess I will wai
  5. In the meantime I thank you for answering me so quickly; however I don't think that the problem is generated by the outdated antivirus, after all the problem appears from ccleaner 5.65.7632 version and persists in the following versions, so the various antivirus manufacturers had plenty of time to update... My security suite is the Comodo Internet Security Premium v.12.0.6818, while the operating system is win10x64 home, first the 1909 version, now in 2004 the same problem continues to occur. Now, regarding the Comodo, if the processes are signed, there is no need to create additional rule
  6. Hello, someone help me because I have a big problem, when I start ccleaner, a few moments later, a few seconds, and then the executable crashes. I have win 10 Home, while the only version of ccleaner, which is the, I can start it normally, it works without problems, all subsequent versions crash; I forgot, I don't use versions with installation, I use only versions without installation. If you need further specifications on my system, please inform me. Thank you in advance to everyone for any help!
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