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  1. Thanks for the reply and for the info on hard drives - it is always useful to increase my knowledge and your input is much appreciated. However the hard drive had not failed as I now have the computer back and it working just fine. Something had corrupted part of the hard drive which stopped it being able to do anything. It therefore seems reasonable to examine what happened just before the issues arose and what happened was me updating ccleaner and running it - it was the only thing that happened prior to the computer catastrophically failing.
  2. My computer spent 3 days with a technician who luckily is a work colleague of my partner - he manged to not only save the files which he initially thought was impossible given the state of the computer - but has now fixed the computer - it seems that although Dell Recovery and Back up wasn't able to complete the process it had done enough to back up my files but then the computer had gone back to factory settings. He had to do a lot to recover the computer as it wasn't able to boot or load windows. He said that something caused sections of the hard drive to become corrupted but he couldn't find out what. I remain convinced that it was the cccleaner - my computer was ok - it then did an update of cccleaner and ran the scan - my computer then stopped working. It's been a real lesson for me - so many times we just click on 'agree' to terms and conditions with software without reading it and no doubt within that software there are disclaimers absolving the company of anything that might go wrong as a result of their product. It's crazy that we have a world where we don't read contracts, where the contracts are so dense and impenetrable that we couldn't understand them anyway and yet they can cause such damage to our lives. I've lost 3 days of work, a lot of sleep and gone through so much stress and financial worry and yet I have no come back on cccleaner, there is no accountability - and probably no way of getting any because they are probably untouchable. I will never ever go near it again.
  3. I woke up to find the DELL recovery and repair still stuck where it was so had to shut the computer down again. I tried turning the computer off and on again and it then gave the message Recovery your PC couldn't start properly. A required device isnt connected or cant be accessed. Error code 0xc000000f you'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media like a disc or USB device contact your system or PC manufacturer.
  4. I can't get to the desktop as my computer won't boot to that point. I am running Dell Back up and Recovery which is taking forever in the hope that it can restore the system and save my files. I can't afford a new computer - this is a desperate situation. I will never us cccleaner again - a computer repair guy installed it some time ago and I trusted him so trusted the product - so when it asked me to update it and run it I stupidly did. I only have a certain level of tech know how and won't be able to go much further than what I have tried. Kicking myself for running cccleaner.
  5. I hope I didn’t use the registry cleaner! I had updated it to the latest version then run the scan and told it to fix the issues. as far as I understand the registry scan involves clicking on the registry tab on the left? God I hope so! I’m on Windows 8.1
  6. I updated cccleaner and ran it today. When I restarted my computer it wouldn’t boot. Have spent the last 6 hours trying to fix it and nothing has worked. Tried to start in safe mode using F8 - nothing. Tried Dell back up and recovery to restore the system - it said it had done it but then an error message came up saying that the instruction at a referenced memory could not be read. Absolutely desperate now - lost a days work already - any advice gratefully received.
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