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  1. Same thing is happening to most users. It shows a 2.5" Samsung 860 EVO SSD as a HDD & the Seagate RAID0 6TB is a pair of 3.5" 3TB 7200rpm HDD's that it thinks are a SSD! Was same with Pro version & when reported to Piriform, I was simply given a refund & my serial number cancelled! That meant the other applications I wanted the Pro functions from were also restored to the free versions with the limitations of the free apps. With how successful CCleaner is you would have thought Piriform would have kept the same standards with the other applications. Speccy also has major detec
  2. Same with my system as well. Incorrectly detects my 2.5" Samsung 860 Pro as a HDD & the pair of Seagate HDD's in a RAID0 configuration as a SSD (gives warning when attempting a defrag due to possible issues arising from defragging a SSD). Exact same problem in the Pro version as well which when reported was not even attempted to be resolved just a refund back to my card & the serial number cancelled. Speccy also has major problems detecting even the most common of issues such as only detecting my RTX2070 as a 4GB card instead of 8GB (which every other piece of software detects it
  3. Nope, Speccy 64Bit also shows only 4095KB of GPU RAM for my 8GB RTX2070. Also shows an incorrect screen resolution as well. Shows 2560x1440 when the correct resolution is 3840x2160. Every other piece of software that does a similar/same task shows the correct information, just Speccy that doesn't. Seems to be too many issues with at least two of the 4 Piriform products as Defraggler also incorrectly identified my spinning 3.5" RAID array drives as a SSD (also warns of potential problems of running a defrag on SSD's when attempted) & a 2.5" Samsung 860 EVO SSD as a normal HDD (which if
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