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  1. The error message is from CCleaner. It appears after a Health Check but before cleaning, instead of the usual "your PC is not feeling well..." I've installed 5.71 and the message is back to normal.
  2. I've downloaded a new copy and re-installed 5.70.7909, but when I run it now it still says, "Hmmm... Something's not right". What might it be?
  3. My CCleaner v5.70 now shows VirtualBox as an up-to-date program. It was not an earth-shaking issue; thanks for the fix. It appears to replace the dash in the extended version number with a dot, but leaves the digits intact. Not sure why Oracle chose to be non-standard, but that also is not shaking anything. Thanks, Stephen.
  4. I just installed v5.70 and looked at Tools > Software Updater. It lists VirtualBox as needing update, but the version numbers are not correct, and the current version is already installed. Could it be related to the dash in VB's version number?
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