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  1. aaah good info, but my ignorance may be revealed in the following, so I apologize ahead. The AddToAny looked good, but requested a URL and it seemed more for mass sharing of a newsletter ..... I don't need that. And the Google Chrome share link makes me wonder if I'm reverting backwards, I purposely use CCleaner web browser to get away from chrome, maybe I'm delusional to think Chrome doesn't have to be all consuming.... Thank you - the info was great, and useful for other browsers ... and I'm still absorbing it so it may be I'm not understanding the versatility of what you sent. And I should just accept the "add to chrome " by accepting. I'll have to spend some time checking it out. again thank you -
  2. Hello y'all, Can anyone help me by putting the send or share link in the top ribbon? Thanks, ginkalink
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