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  1. It's been fewdasy after I've installed the CC cleaner on my Android smartphone..It worked fine and hadn't any issue until I install the {Removed} apk. When I run the CC cleaner it always delete the {Removed} apk and also some of my photos. Is this because download source {Link Removed} is malicious or app not being the Google play app?
  2. Have you been using a default official ringtone or custom ringtone? According to my knowledge default ringtones can only be removed after having root access.
  3. If you have Administrative privileges in you user Windows user account, you can schedule CCleaner using Windows Task scheduler.
  4. After activating Headache free automatic operation on CC cleaner for my Android, I lost some of my photos and remaining photos has been messed..The are no longer available in order.. Is this a bug in app or particular problem on my device? (It's a Samsung Android Pie device)
  5. If you mother board supports, you can avoid the CPU heating issue by speed up the fan speed using a program such as SpeedFan
  6. If so why don't you ban my account..Am I not allowed to ask question here?
  7. You can use one of following method, Using CMD command prompt Restore a previous Windows version Third-party data recovery software..you can have detailed guide on internet..
  8. I was always struggling to go back to the exact point I missed when a you tube videos was begin watched. I think now it's over ..
  9. I was thinking of making "brave" my default web browser instead of chrome. as it said to be a great browser to stop ads. Insets of using ad blocker, I thought to switch to brave for this advantage.But, I think I have to think again...
  10. No, it's been designed to clean you device removing junk,cleaning RAM and monitoring your system. So, you need to use specific spyware for your device.
  11. Cache might be the issue..Try wiping the cache
  12. I often get green screen when watching Instagram videos on Windows 10 using Mozilla firefox. But this doesn't happen on my Android when use the Chrome. Does anybody know why this happens? everything are up to date and no any technical issue found.
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