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  1. Hello Andavari, and for anyone else who ever reads this thread. I was able to recover all the deleted data using [competition software]. I now have a tonne of files to sort through but at least I have it back. I will make regular disk backups in future though. Cheers
  2. Thanks for replying Andavari. It was actually 2 drives that I accidentally started wiping with DBAN, and on the other one I have since reinstalled windows, then run Recuva and there are about 70K files available for recovery. Of course, sod's law dictates that these files aren't actually the ones I'm after, but I hope this means despite not having a backup image, I might still be able to find someway to retreive the files using consumer grade software. Cheers
  3. Hi There Whilst attempting to wipe a drive with DBAN, I managed to select the wrong drive to wipe. I stopped the process about 10 seconds in, but that caused enough damage that windows will no longer mount it. Disk Management is telling me to initialise the disk so that it can be accessed (and mount?), but I'm trying to avoid this, because as I understand it, that is pretty much a quick format. I've used Find and Mount to check for partitions to mount, but it can't find any. So I've used it to create a disk image, but Recuva won't recognise that image. Can anyone tell me h
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