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  1. W10 Home v1909 18363.959 I see today that 2004 is available, so I'm gonna update.
  2. I rebooted again, but got no love. I then uninstalled CCleaner, rebooted, and installed version 5.60.7307 It seems to work fine. FYI, forgot to mention: I'm on W10 w/ all updates.
  3. I updated to latest version yesterday 5.69.7865 It seemed to work fine. I cleaned the registry. I deleted some duplicate music files. After a reboot, today, I ran duplicate finder again on a external HDD. After a long while (about 1TB data), it says: "File search has completed" But it is frozen. There are no buttons that respond. And the tab in my taskbar is glowing green, as if it is still busy. I just turned off Windows AV and firewall, but no difference. I've wasted a half-day on multiple iterations of the process, so far; frustrating as fu@k.
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