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  1. Hi, and thanks for your reply. So I'm finding there is another issue in the mix of getting CCleaner to run properly. The hang up of running the app either via context menu or opening and running manually is hanging up when it gets to the Clipboard. If I disable Clipboard cleaning in CCleaner, the app runs fine from both the context menu and opening the app. When it hangs up, it hangs CCleaner at 40% and the app becomes unresponsive until force quit. That said, this is progress. I still can't connect to any CCleaner domains or check for updates within the app while connected to the VPN. Nord responded and gave me several things to try so I'll work on those. I'll report back as I have time to check these things.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I took your advice and have tried numerous US servers, Canadian servers, Mexico, etc. and Nord also has an option for "compatibility purposes" to enable obfuscated servers, this also did not help. Same issues, unable to run CCleaner from the recycle bin (hangs at 40% until disconnecting VPN), check for software updates, etc. I'm at a loss for anything else to try. At the moment, Nord's Windows 10 client does not allow for split tunneling of individual applications like they do on their Android client. If this was available, I'd try this. If at all possible, please escalate this issue on your end if you are able to have someone research it further. This just suddenly started happening with a recent update and I've used both products on this workstation without issue for years. VPN usage is commonplace these days so I hope it is something worth investigating/fixing. I will also reach out to Nord to let them know of the issue and see if they can offer any solutions. Nathan
  3. Thanks, so support.piriform.com is accessible thru the VPN but the others are not, and regardless the main issue is the app hanging/not functioning while connected thru the VPN. That is the problem that just started recently that is most troublesome. All issues immediately go away and app function returns to normal as soon as the VPN is disconnected...but that is no solution. I've completely removed CCleaner and downloaded/reinstalled the latest available release, still no change. And also just replying here to the follow up comment below yours, NordVPN isn't some hack, shady product and it is updated on a very regular basis. I keep my apps updated and this computer doesn't run anything that isn't necessity as it is my main workstation. I keep it lean, fast and reliable. The simple fact is this software combo has gotten along perfectly fine for several years and suddenly the app no longer functions until disconnecting from the VPN, to me, warrants further investigation. I initially got a very thorough response and just looking for further support on this. Is there any other way to obtain direct technical support other than this forum?
  4. Hi, I'm a longtime pro user and have a serious issue that just started recently. I am no longer able to access the CCleaner domain while connected thru NordVPN on Windows 10. This means that the app also does not function properly (ie fails to check updates, recycle bin shortcut hangs app when running, etc.). As soon as I disconnect from Nord the app functions as expected. Are you all intentionally blocking Nord's servers from accessing your product(s)? If so, I cannot continue to support this product as I'm not going to disconnect from my VPN provider every time I empty the bin or run the app. I truly hope this is a temporary issue that will be resolved. Please advise...
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