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  1. Hi nukecad, Thanks for your reply. I am aware only happens if you keep ccleaner open. I do not have enabled any of those options as I don't use them. Thanks
  2. Hi stevecripe57, I dont know exactly what your problem is, but I do have issues with ccleaner's latest version. My problem is ccleaner takes all the CPU usage making my devices unusable. It slows my PC and sometimes freezes it. It happens with three different devices, on desktop and two laptops. All under windows with the newer windows 10 2004 version. I raised the problem now as I had the hope ccleaner would release a new version soon to get it fixed.
  3. Hey there, I would like to report a bug within ccleaner's latest version (v5.69.7865). If I keep ccleaner open as I like to do (so I don't forget to do a cleanup as soon as I am finished with browsing), ccleaner takes all the CPU usage making my PC unusable. I have a desktop and two laptops. It happens in all of them. Two of my machines are powerful to handle a software such as ccleaner. With previous versions, I did not have this issue. I am using the free version in windows.
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