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  1. Nope. I was continuously using the PC for other stuff and when done closing those program windows, I looked at Defraggler,,,it was stopped and inactive and no longer even displaying the F: drive I was defragging. I agree tho, and have my PC not sleep for a couple hours automatically, and if backing up data that will take a long time, I turn off auto sleep or shutdown forever, and turn them back on when done. I have never done USB suspension because never thought I needed to do that.
  2. Thanks. Always good to know if my problem is unique or not and what others have done. This is a WD Black 2TB drive with a 5 yr warranty that is 1.5 yrs old and only used for daily backup; so I'll wait a while. SMART scan shows no issues. But I'll keep an eye on it and get it replaced if more problems later. 2 days running OK so far. Still unsure if Defraggler did it or was an OS glitch, or??? Maybe will never know till something else happens with the HDD.
  3. Killed it but it came back alive...so maybe unconcious rather than dead. No, did not shut down. Defraggler stopped running, I thought it was done and went to check results; but found HDD not listed anymore. I closed program windows, not OS...sorry for confusing language. Thanks, chkdsk a good idea. Everything seems to be OK now, but was scary for hours...still wondering if a sign of future trouble...Dell system tests (including HDD) passed OK.
  4. I was using Defraggler on my F:\ HDD used to auto save C + D drives as backup. Naturally this HDD gets fragmented from daily use. So was running Defraggler, for several hours, in background as I did simple work....no heavy loads or anything unusual. When I was almost done for the day and closed windows (win10 1903), Defraggler was stopped and my F: HDD was missing. Tried to find it via win file explorer and it was not listed anywhere. Did a PC restart. Same result: no F:\ drive. Shutdown and was planning to open case and check cables....but 1st decided to do a backup to USB HDD
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