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  1. If the problem is that they don't want to provide cloud storage for our settings, perhaps they could use something like Dropbox or Google Drive to store a shared settings file.
  2. Hi Dave, I just donloaded the latest version and installed it. And you are right, the problem does not appear. I reverted to an older version from September and the problem came back. Reinstalled the latest download and problem went away. Not sure if that makes sense because I thought that the installer downloaded the latest version when it ran, but that was my experience.
  3. I raised a ticket on this. In the end, they told me that they cannot incorporate your antivrus unless it is AVG or Avast. Since I use BitDefender, they cannot verify the download and give this error message. I ended up giving up and going back to Chrome partially for this reason and partially because I wanted the synchronization between computers.
  4. When I download some file types, noticibly .tar, .zip and .exe files, The download completes and the file is left using the temporary file name instead of the final name and an error message shows in the download section at the bttom of the page saying that "recexperts.exe couldn't be verified" - <Keep> <Discard>. I noticed it does not happen for .PDF files so it is not all files that receive this treatment. Any suggestions on why this is happening and/or how I can avoid it. If I don't happen to notice the message and say "keep" then I don't end up with the file downloaded properly (I can always go in and rename it manually). Note that the destination folder is located on my local hard drive, not a NAS or external drive. Thank you
  5. I hade the same problem I disabled all my extensions and the comments came back. I then re-enabled them one by one until the comments went away again. Turns out that the video downloader is guilty. Disable it and see if your YouTube comments come back. Good luck
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