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  1. Thank you Nukecad. I forgot to mention something that may negate your conclusion. Note that CCleaner does deal with cookies as part of its cleanup routine, and therefore must have access to whatever system-maintained list that SpywareBlaster acts upon. When the behavior I described began, the cookies being unblocked were earlier alphabetically than LOP. The LOP was just an example of the weird behavior that cookies that SpywareBlaster has blacklisted are being unblocked and that ones later in the alphabet are blocked later. No particular cookie is immune as far as I can tell. LOP does not appe
  2. I use CCleaner Professional on Windows 10. Searching the forum, I found this problem had occurred a few years ago, but the solution proposed then does not work now. Problem: After several hours of Firefox use, I think CCleaner is unblocking some cookies that SpywareBlaster has blocked. It is notable that the cookies unblocked each time proceed through SpywareBlaster's list alphabetically not randomly, and the alphabetic process continues over system shutdown/reboots. For example, on one day cookie Lop.com(25) gets unblocked and then the next day cookie Lop.com(26) gets unblocked. For me, this
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