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  1. CCleaner does not save the "Ignore User Control Warning" setting As per object, the "Advanced> Ignore User Control Warning" setting is not retained. In any case, on restart the flag on the setting has disappeared. My problem or version problem?
  2. As I found out, by disabling the call to Chrome indicated in OP and restarting the PC the cleaning is completed correctly. I will try to follow the setting indicated at the end of the instructions of your link. Thanks
  3. Automatic cleaning of cookies by CCleaner v5.68.7820 (64Bit) not carried out. Windows 10 Pro 64bit v1903. CCleaner has the excellent function of deleting cookies, even automatically, even for Chrome, but cleaning does not seem to work. Or am I the one who is wrong/forget something. I use CCleaner with automatic start at user access from Planning Utility with the /AUTO parameter. ---- In task manager at the startup tab, there is a call to Google Chrome enabled: "C:\ Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe" --type=service /prefetch: 8 by disabling this call and restarting the PC, the analysis of the system, cache, temporary files and cookies of Chrome is successfully carried out by CCleaner. (Otherwise, leaving this call enabled, the analysis of CCleaner is "skipped"). ----- However, even leaving it disabled the call to Chrome and therefore disabling the automatic start of Chrome when the computer starts, numerous cookies are not deleted by the automatic start of CCleaner, which however successfully performs all the other tasks. These cookies are not included in the list of cookies to be kept. Why ? How to clear Chrome cookies? I installed CCleaner just for this function.
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