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  1. Actually, I have several tests running. The program that was successful was Cipher. The CCleaner drive wiper running with the above changes is going to be another 2-3 hours to complete the wipe. I'll post results tomorrow.
  2. Another test just finished. I made the changes to the Settings (see attachment) and it appears to have wiped the free space this time.
  3. No, the deleted files are not overwritten. I am using CCleaner Drive Wiper, selecting the drive and wipe free space. It is taking about 5-6 hours to wipe the free space. When it is finished I run Recuva, deep scan, and all files are found. If it were over writing the files then I would not be able to recover them.
  4. I am questioning whether CCleaner's Drive Wiper does anything. I have an external hard drive which I just deleted two folders with over 131,000 files. I wanted to wipe the free space and have always used CCleaner for other things, so thought I'd give it a try. Two versions were used on two systems. V5.46.6652 and V5.68.7820. I tried 3 passes and 7 passes. Ran for a long time of course the 7 passes took a lot longer than the 3 passes. Drive access light was flashing the whole time. When each finished I ran Recuva, and was able to recover all 131,000+ files. To make sure it they were re
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