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  1. Still does the ninja install, ffs. 2017 laptop crawled with avast on it so it got uninstalled back when id purposefully installed it. Found malwarebytes actually did what it was supposed to unlike avast, ie not ignoring malware running while freaking out over every zip and exe. Honestly running adblockers is more reliable than avast, and windows defender is leaps and bounds beyond yalls boomerbait. Figured id run crapcleaner, remembered chrome in the installer so went thru making sure nothing extra, avast wasnt even mentioned. Considering yalls lumbering ui, maybe it was what i assumed was TOS, where the middle was an artifact copy of the desktop and accept and decline buttons on either side. Aka boomerbait, "i hafta accept everything when installing" bs. If your product is good wont hafta bundle it, much less make an opt out vs opt in (either is still a slap in the face for those of us on metered conx) Running cc when avast icon pops up, have to wait half an hour of uncancellable install still goin, then uninstall it, and the worthless junk installer it uses never frees windows so had to restart just to uninstall cc too. Seriously. Eat me w the "oh it says it right thar" bs. Just downloaded it off your site minutes before. Shouldnt need to load a site in the installer to know what im accepting, esp since it looks like everyone elses crappy TOS section. Thanks for making me have to go wipe yalls feces out the registry. Heck speccy still never figured out amd cpu temps, go figure Bye
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