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  1. The owners should be looking at improving their own program and using the programs that i mentioned as a standard to reach.
  2. I have tried [removed competing product] in the past, but the latest version has too many paid for options that were free in the original version, which is no longer available. It also causes malwarebytes anti-virus to identify it as a possibly unwanted program (PUP) and wanting isolate it. It runs really quickly and the figures for hours taken by me on these programs are actual values, not predicated results. The latest one that I do like because it enables me to do what I want to do which is defrag and optimise my drive to elimminate the hold up it causes programs in working.
  3. The program includes statistics on the quality of the drive, but it only works manually. The de-fragmentation program does not change the number of fragments of the current status as compared to the analysed initial setup while it is working. It also does not update the size of the files that need fragmenting, only the number of fragments and the number of files that need fragmenting. It also incredibly slow, it tells me it will take over a day to reduce the number of fragments down from 23% of the hard drive, but I managed to reduce it by 12% by just targeting the files with the largest
  4. I have run defragger several times, but it always treats it as the first time, there are no past statistics to show it actually working. This is despite reducing the initial 25% unfragged drive down by 2% t its current state.
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