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  1. Hello. Thanks for the reply. Have sent a couple of emails via the contact form and not received any reply. Will try the support direct.
  2. Well it is now the 3rd August 2020. I renewed my subscription to CCleaner on 5 July and CCleaner has removed the remainder of the time I had left, i..e true expiry date was 25 July 2020 if I remember correctly and made a new expiry date of 5th July 2020. Above it is said this will be credited back within a few weeks. Well this has not happened. This has happened to me before with CCleaner. So what I want to know is why and when is it going to be fixed? Seems it is impossible to contact CCleaner direct, which would prove more functional and expedient.
  3. I have sent three emails to Ccleaner about this and have not received the courtesy of any form of reply. My subscription is due to end on 27th July 2020. I renewed it on July 5th. Now my license shows the next expiry date is 5th July 2021. Why? What happened to the remaining 22 days for my 2019/2020 subscription. Same thing happened last year when i renewed. Why?
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