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    Hello, Babaluc, We're really happy to see an old CCleaner user take up our newest product, and we welcome your attention to detail. Customers like you who go the extra mile to scan the details of our work help ensure the safety of all of our users, and help make our products better. However, I just wanted to clear out a misunderstanding. EKAG20NT.exe is not a keylogger as you imply (i.e. software that monitors and records your keystrokes), nor is it software by Avast. It is an executable for the Eleckey license protection mechanism that protects our software from piracy: it is used to verify the authenticity of the activation codes we use to authenticate subscriptions on Kamo (which the Eleckey software treats as license keys). You can read more about the software here: https://www.sciensoft.com/products/eleckey/, and if you are still suspicious, you can run it via the Virus Total database to see that it is not malware. While Eleckey is currently in use in Kamo, it has been causing us issues with our licensing system for some time, and we've been working on an alternative process to get to the same results. I can't give you a timeline on it, but it is slated to be removed in an upcoming version of Kamo.
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