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  1. I don't know if this is frowned upon, but as Recuva crashes and hasn't been updated in 6 years, I guess there might be more people that would find this helpful: I was able to recover almost all of my files using the competing product [competition software name]. I don't know if Recuva would have restored more, since it crashes while scanning, but it looks to me close to everything was recovered.
  2. After Recuva crashes, I get a form to fill out information about what I was doing, and can enter my email address. But after I press "Send Report", I just get another error "Error sending report". I see that the most recent version is 4 years old. Could it be that Recuva is abandonware?
  3. My guess is, it's a memory problem. Right before the crash, I see the CPU and memory usage go up a lot.
  4. When scanning my SD card for deleted files, Recuva crashes. Most of the times this happens without any notification or error message at all (the program just simply disappears), but sometimes I get an error dialog where I am asked to describe the problem, and which then gives me an error messages that it isn't able to send the report... Attached is a log of one of the scans. Recuva_log[1_53_1087 (64-bit)][06-07-2020_13-42-03.886].txt
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