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  1. On 04/05/2020 at 02:11, SAD said:

    Its NOT Fahrenheit. When i get a true temp of 43C Speccy shows 107C degrees and after switching to Fahrenheit i get something like 226F (Ryzen 7 2700X).

    I had a similar Problem on my AMD A8 6600K before. I would bet this affects only AMD and Intel is paying for it as usual. Intel style marketing.



    For me with a ryzen 5 2600x Speccy is showing 97 deg C when bios is nearer 35/6 deg C. If you convert the speccy number to celcius you get the corect value, so speccy is definitley showing farenhiet temps with celcius units, however when changing speccy to farenheit units temperatures rise accordingly, suggesting speccy is reading farenheit as celcius and then "converting" that to farenheight if you ask speccy to chnage units.

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