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  1. I ended up re-creating these files via a batch script using the exported list as reference. Not ideal, because I lost original time stamps, and Unicode filenames came out as gibberish so those had to be done manually. If anyone from Piriform is reading this, please consider the use case described in the OP. I could not find another recovery app that would do this easily.
  2. I have a hard time understanding what you wrote. I know how to create dummy files, and I already have a list of deleted files, because Recuva allows you to export these files as a text file. I need to actually restore them, not to create new files and rename each one manually. And yes, there are hundreds of these files, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. It blows my mind that Recuva doesn't allow something that's this simple. Do developers or company employees read these forums?
  3. I have intentionally created zero-byte files. They are simply stubs of media files but serve an important function. They have zero size by design. The folder with these files has been accidentally deleted, and Recova sees these files perfectly but refuses to recover them, probably because it thinks these used to be files with contents that have been overwritten. This is is not an uncommon use case. If Recuva is unable to undelete these files, please consider adding this feature.
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