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  1. I had the very same thing happen, and I think that the response is overly insensitive. To accuse the user of being irresponsible because Ccleaner destroyed the computer? There is an assumption that the components such as the registry cleaner, the basic cleaner, and the newer tune up are set for ultra conservative modes. The novice user selects the default mode because he does not want to chance making an error and then CCleaner ruins his operating system because of it? Sorry, but I'm not using Ccleaner ever again. It was too much work having to restore my computer after Ccleaner destroyed Windows 10. There is clearly problems with CCleaner. I know I would never run it again.
  2. I had the same thing happen last week. After running CCleaner registry cleaner, several Windows functions including setttings and Edge would not work. I first attempted to restore from CCleaner and when that did not work, I did a restore from Windows. After that, Windows would not launch at all and I had to do a complete reinstall. Never using CCleaner again!
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