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  1. Okay, guys, Thank you all for your input, which has been most helpful. I have eliminated about 90% of the space taken by Windows.old, a relic from version 7, for the most part. At the same time it has also eliminated a handful of other files, some of which were of totally unknown origin – again, a relic! For the record, I used the Disk Cleanup method. This went quite well, while I was out of the house for four hours. I will do a de-frag the next time I have to be out of the house for any length of time. I am impressed at receiving the answer to my problem in less than 24 hours and th
  2. Have just installed the pro version, having used the free version for several years. You can therefore consider that I am a newbie. One of my first actions was to explore how to handle duplicate files and note that the recommendation is to delete only "homegrown" files. It appears that I have literally thousands of files named Windows.old\ that are individually small but add up into the gigabyte range (see attachment). There may be 2 to over 100 similar files in any one directory (24 and two, in the attachment). My instinct is to delete everything with C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS\… But I
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