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  1. Okay, guys, Thank you all for your input, which has been most helpful. I have eliminated about 90% of the space taken by Windows.old, a relic from version 7, for the most part. At the same time it has also eliminated a handful of other files, some of which were of totally unknown origin – again, a relic! For the record, I used the Disk Cleanup method. This went quite well, while I was out of the house for four hours. I will do a de-frag the next time I have to be out of the house for any length of time. I am impressed at receiving the answer to my problem in less than 24 hours and that the answer worked first time! I am a happy bunny as well as being a happy devil! Thanks again. Devil
  2. Have just installed the pro version, having used the free version for several years. You can therefore consider that I am a newbie. One of my first actions was to explore how to handle duplicate files and note that the recommendation is to delete only "homegrown" files. It appears that I have literally thousands of files named Windows.old\ that are individually small but add up into the gigabyte range (see attachment). There may be 2 to over 100 similar files in any one directory (24 and two, in the attachment). My instinct is to delete everything with C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS\… But I do not have a clue as to whether this would be safe or not. And should I leave the last version which is not checked in the attached list? Can some kind person shed some light on this matter, please?
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