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  1. i backed up , it backed only my messages, pictures none of them sadly i dont know what to do about it.. ill try to ask the whatsapp forum.
  2. about second line, turn what off? and about the other stuff, i will try now, thanks
  3. noooooo omggggggggggggg. i turned off the phone, cus it said so there. now i dont even have the thumbnails, it got removed completely edit: i cant even recover it, when it try to recover, it shows me the other stuff i deleted long time ago, not the one that deleted. its basically all the photos i didnt upload, but people uploaded to me.
  4. android - huawei p10. and oh sorry, didnt thought there is one to computer also ( my bad ). and thanks, if you can move the thread, i will really be gratefull. what do you mean thumbnail cleared? and ill try what you gave now, thx
  5. it is on my phone. not youtube ( i dont even understand why youtube has a connection to it ). all my whatsapp photos, instagram, they got "removed". as is said, the photos still exist, but its unapproachable, ill upload a picture with my phone here and you will see what i mean.
  6. Hey, im using Ccleaner for years and it never happened before. i cleaned my gacha as usual, and after i cleaned it, i noticed my picture from whatsapp and instagram and some others more were deleted.. not actually deleted, they have a blank square between them, i still see the amount of pictures i had, but i cant see the pictures... how do i recover them? its really frustrating, all my photos from recent years, all gone... :(
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