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  1. As has already been mentioned by someone elese, I too have also seen the old prefetch files being listed when using analyse, but not being deleted when running CCleaner and having the Old Prefect Data box ticked. I too am using WINXP Home Edition SP2 plus all updates. I have the latest version oc CCleaner v1.30.520 Joe
  2. Just had a thought, the secure file deletion should also scramble the filename prior to deletion as well as data in non-zero length files and should obviously still securely delete zero byte length files.
  3. Can you quickly fix the bug that does not delete zero byte length files when secure deletion is selected. This bug appears to have arisen at version v1.39.502 Many thanks Joe
  4. After extensive testing I cannot find the Auto Update feature to work (v1.19.105). I can only see CCleaner going out to the internet when the url web link inside the About box is pressed. I have tried the Auto Update feature selected/not selected, and ensured reboots in between. I even ensured clean program exit after altering the Auto Update feature to ensure that it be properly saved, having seen the problems with the crash (abrupt shutdown) problems not saving option settings. I can still see no attempt by CCleaner to go out over the internet to check if an update is necessary. This is not a firewall issue blocking CCleaner from checking for an update, as I am not running the XP firewall and I am using Zone Alarm Pro (ZAP latest version to monitor the activity of CCleaner, which I know is working fine, as when I press the url link in the About box, ZAP correctly logs CCleaner's access to its website. ZAP logs CCleaner internet attempts, indicating whether they are allowed or blocked. The only time I receive such a log is when I click on the url link in the About box Also I can clearly see no modem activity when starting/exiting CCleaner. My internet connection (I have broadband) is normally autoconnected on pc bootup. Prior to this connection ZAP has started and is logging CCleaner's access to the net. So unless the new Auto Update feature only runs once at pc bootup prior to ZAP being started I can only conclude it is not working. Hope this helps debugging. If I have misunderstood CCleaners workings of the new Auto Update feature, then I would appreciate being informed. Many thanks. I really like CCleaner and use it a lot, and hope to continue to help with its development. Joe
  5. Never used a forum post before, so please excuse if this format is wrong in replying. and apologoes for the long post. I am using CCleaner v.1.17.090 and after a lot of testing found out that the combination that causes CCleaner to shutdown, not clean the selected items, or remember selection changes, occurs when BOTH Autocomplete Form History and Recent Document History are selected. All other item selections/combinations are irrelevant. If these items were not both selected and then you select both, if you then directly press the Run Cleaner button, you will find that it will work correctly (and continue to work correctly while you click on the Run Cleaner button, until you exit the program and then run CCleaner again, then it fails to work correctly and shuts down when clicking on the Run Cleaner button. Also if you find you have these two items selected and you deselect either one or even both of them and then click the Run Cleaner button, the programs shuts down and loses your selection changes you made prior to pressing this button. To effect the change you need to deselect either one or both of the above mention items (and make any other changes you desire), and then press the Exit button. This then correctly saves the changes you have made, thus ensuring that both Autocomplete Form History and Recent Document History are NOT simultaneously selected, which then ensure correct operation of CCleaner, instead of it just shutting down and doing nothing and forgetting any item selection changes. Making Option changes does get remembered correctly even if the program subsequently closes when pressing the Run Cleaner button. Here endeth the info. Hope this helps in quickly fixing this bug. Many thanks for a great program. Could you include a shredder option to specify the byte/bytes data that you want to overwrite the deleted files with, and the number of shred times you want to repeat doing this. Also include a random key generator option, where you just specify the number of bytes length and number of shreds, for all the really paranoid users out there. Joe
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