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  1. All right NukeCad, Thanks very much for your help and patience ! Have a nice day Best regards
  2. Yes but it seems that the "Send me notifications ..." option is also making the app run in the background. Both "Smart Cleaning" and "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" were turned off yesterday. I kept the "Send me notifications..." on to make the test. It's ok, not a big deal. I will turn that option off too. Thanks a lot Best regards
  3. I had to restart my computer yesterday after installing a software.. then I finished my dad and put the PC in sleeping mode. this morning, I started to work and checked the system tray, the icon is there again.. so annoying.
  4. Hi Nukecad, I checked the settings and it was actually not the "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" but the "Send notifications when there is a new version". I unchecked the box and the icon disappeared from the system tray. Thanks again
  5. Hello Nukecad, Thanks for this explanation. It makes sense. I will have a look and let you know. Thanks Best regards
  6. Hello, I have a windows 10 OS family version and I am running CCleaner v5.76.8269. Although I set the application NOT to start when Windows is starting, the app is still lauched in the background. I must close it everytime I start/re-start my computer. Is there something I am missing in the settings or is it a bug and unexpected behavior? Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards
  7. human malware I love that description yes I think it definitely comes from youtube being down.. I am just back to listening to music like in the good old days.. thanks
  8. That's what I thought.. it actually comes from AdBlock.. Btw the problem did not only happen with youtube.. Disabling AdBlock solved the problem.. welcome back to advertissement land !!! yeah so nice to be brainwashed
  9. I tried with FireFox and Chrome.. The video played fine !
  10. Hi, Today I started to have some problems with youtube. When I play a video, it keeps stopping as if the video was not loading properly. My connection is good and I tried youtube with other browser. The video is actually loading (the loading progression bar is always ahead of reading) but it just stops and restart.. very annoying. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Thanks
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