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  1. I hope I can convey this to where others can figure out what I am saying. I have had speccy for several years. Never had any real problem with it. I have it set to start when the computer starts, then go to the taskbar with whatever I want to monitor. For me, that is the motherboard temp. I live in an old dusty house, and I can see when the computer needs to be blown out to get rid of the dust and cobwebs. Anyway, after not having a problem for so long, I just took for granted that it was working correctly, and it did for a long time. The other night, it was in the house (we don't run Air Conditioning), and when I moved the fans around to get the computer to cool off, it showed 80 degrees Celsius on the taskbar. I shut it down if it goes higher, and look inside. Anyway, before I decided I should shut it down, because moving the fans had no affect, I pulled up the main speccy screen where it shows all components, etc. The temperature showing there, was more like 76 degrees. Since that time, I have noticed that the temp showing in the taskbar, is not the temp showing when pulling the whole application. It may be much higher or much lower than what it is showing in the taskbar. It had always been so accurate. I also run speccy on my backup computer, which is almost exactly the same computer that I run all the time, just not the same memory, and hard drives. I see that one not being perfect, but only by a degree or two. My main computer is showing as many as 10 degrees off. If anyone has any ideas, please advise, I depend a lot on the temp readings with no A/C and going into summer in GA, I must keep up with it. Thanks in advance.
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