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  1. Dear Andavari: I understood the Risks and I will choose not to try the Restoration. If there are risks in using Recova or other software, I prefer to keep what I have and try to redo the folder. I know that I will not remember all the titles, but gradually I redo it. Thanks and Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to Attention ........
  2. Excuse. I was so worried about my problem that I didn't realize the mistake. I participate in several forums and I know that what I said is a Rule. I didn't notice that I was using Fonte Alta. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. It was a mistake. Humbly, I'm sorry. It was not a Cleaning Error by CCleaner. It was an accident that I caused. I just want to try to correct it. I appreciate the help so far. Thankful.....
  3. No, the disc has not been used since then. Just to complement I informed that the HD has 4tb. There are approximately 5000 film titles, divided into categories by category, example action, adventure, police and others. Each film is approx. 1.8gb in size. The lost folder has 80 (eighty) films, which is equivalent to 200gb. The risk is not to recover the totality lost or corrupt the integrity of the disk unit, that is, losing everything ...... Once again I apologize but it is important to recover what you can ...... without risk. ..ok .... thank you
  4. So I run the risk of not recovering my films ??? Explaining, I had a folder with Suspense / Horror films. Approximately 200 gb. I accidentally deleted the folder permanently. This process took place 05 (five) days. This folder is approximately. 80 (eighty) Movies. My HD has 04 (four) TB with a lot of free space. I have the possibility to recover my films with the recuva ..... ??? Sorry for the inconvenience, I need help .......
  5. It means that using Recuva in the CCleanter Professional Plus Package I will recover the Movie Folder with approximately 200Gb.....??? Being true with signing the package ...... Thankful
  6. In the plus package, is there a limitation for file recovery? I need to recover approximately 200mb of video files. Does this package meet?
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