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  1. Thank you for suggestion, I will give it a try. In terms of the 'long file name' errors, its not always the file name length that is the issue, but the long file path, which you mention. The file can be of 5 letters and still read as long name if its located within a 10th subfolder or so. Also, this error whether long file name or long file path, seems to be more of an issue with older technology. If I transfer files to an 8 year old external drive, it gives those errors, but backing up to a new drive all the same files, didn't produce a single error. Thanks again!
  2. 1. Selecting C: Does not resolve the issue. Using C: simply lets you pull out more files, but not even close to all files. For example, if you try to pull files into a third subfolder on an external drive, it will tell you that it can't recover 4,700 files, but once you change the folder to C: it will tell you that it can't recover 4,000 files. The result is pretty much the same, which is you can't recover thousands of files. 2. The issue seems to be with Recuva software, other programs don't do that. Recuva pulls a great amount of files from a broken hard drive, but it can't transfer tho
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