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  1. I found it!!! Thanks a lot! Something should have change the workspace directory. The only thing I did was using CCleaner service to "update". I didn't use OR for a week, and nothing was suppose to have change. I just don't understand what happened. OpenRefine Workspace is at: C:\Users\(user id)\AppData\Roaming\OpenRefine BUT All my projects are at: C:\Users\(user id)\AppData\Local\OpenRefine I try copy 2 projects in ROAMING, and it works. I'll looking how I can change the Directory, And backup my projects, too. Many thanks,
  2. I use the Health Check, for the first time. I never had a problem with CCleaner, so I use it. And I run the Registry Cleaner. I save the "registry file" before. Luc
  3. I wrote to Open Refine, and they add this post about the problem I had updating with CCleaner. https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/issues/2681 It was the first time I used CCleaner for updating applications... It said that there was 3-4 applications for updating, BUT CCleaner didn't show wich ones. I'm not used to do it, so I haven't really think really about some problems. You should display wich applications Before updating, and User should have the possibility to choice wich ones he like to update. In that way, I won't have update Open Refine, because I knew it's a lit
  4. Hi, Yesterday, Ccleaner update 3-4 software/applications automatically. BUT, CCleaner delete all my Workspace for Open Refine. I lost all my projects in Open Refine, more than 150. It's many, many hundreds of hours of works. Can I restore my Workspace? Where can I have the information and data about how CCleaner update Open Refine? Wich files and folders were deleted? There is a way to retrieve this informations? It's a very, very BIG problem for me and my team. Thanks, Luc
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